Angie's Studio For Dance & Tumbling

Saturday Savings

Saturday Savings Dance & Tumbling Classes!  Sept-Mar
Affordable Classes Instructed by our Sr. Students
Registration begins May 1

Sat. Savings Price List Per Student

1 Class - $30 per month
2 Classes - $40 per month
3 Classes - $50 per month

$5 OFF per month for each additional child in family

When Registering online for Sat. Savings classes there is NO REGISTRATION FEE, BUT....the system will automatically invoice you a $30 registration fee which will be applied to your first months tuition. Once this fee has been paid, along with any remaining balance, your placement in the class(es) has been confirmed. If your monthly tuition is greater than $30 it will take a few days for the system to invoice the remaining balance. Please check back at a later date to view and pay any remaining balance.

Saturday Savings classes will have an end of year performance. 
TENTATIVE DATE: Saturday, April 8

The performance cost is $40 per student, which includes the costume and cost of performance location
(For students who are in more than one class....each additional costume will be $25)  

Saturday Savings Class Schedule

  -  Ballet Tap Tumbling 
9:00-9:45am  Ages 3-5
10:30-11:15am  Ages 3-5  

Combo I
- Ballet Tap Jazz       
9:00-9:45am  Ages 6-9 
9:45-10:30am  Ages 8-12 

Hip Hop
9:45-10:30am  Ages 6-9 
10:30-11:15am  Ages 8-12 

9:00-9:45am  Level II  Must be able to do a cartwheel and hold backbend Ages 5-12
9:45-10:30am  Level I  Beginner Ages 5-12
10:30-11:15am  Level II  Must be able to do a cartwheel and hold backbend Ages 5-12 

Dress Code
Students must wear required dress attire with their hair pulled securely out of their face.  The safety of the students and staff are the number one objective and it is important to look the part of a dancer/tumbler. 

Please note:  Dress codes will be enforced.  If a student does not have the proper attire or hair isn't pulled back, they will first receive a warning with a note sent home.  Second occurrence, a call or email to a parent.  Third occurrence, the student will be asked to sit out of class for that day. 

"Free Day" students may wear dance/tumble wear of their choice the last lesson of the month. 

Shoes & Dance Wear are recommended to be purchased from Dance Supply Etc. in O'Fallon 636-978-9432 (Located behind Sonic in the old part of O'Fallon) or Maddison's in Chesterfield Valley.161 Long Rd  636-537-5456

Light Ballet Pink Leotard
 White  Pink Ballet, Black Tap
Tumble Leotard or Form Fitting Top W/ Dance Shorts
 None  No Shoes or Socks
Combo I Dance
Black Leotard
 Tan  Pink Ballet, Black Taps
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Style Dance Attire
 None  Black Hip Hop Sneaker
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