Angie's Studio For Dance & Tumbling

Policies & Tuition

2020/21 Monthly Tuition Prices Per Child
Monthly Tuition rates are based on accumulative hours danced each week.  Listed are the hour and minute intervals taken per week and the cost per month.  

 Accumulative Hours Per Week
 Monthly Tuition
30 Minutes  $30
45 Minutes
 1 Hour
 1 Hour & 15 Min
 1 Hour & 30 Min
 1 Hour & 45 Min
 2 Hours
 2 Hours & 15 Min
 2 Hours & 30 Min
 2 Hours & 45 Min
 3 Hours
 3 Hours & 15 Min
 3 Hours & 30 Min
 3 Hours & 45 Min
 4 Hours
 4 Hours & 15 Min
 4 Hours & 30 Min
Add $2.00 for each additional 15 minutes

Tuition and Costume Payments
  • 2020/21 Sept - May  Yearly Registration fee - $30 per student 
  • Tuition Payments are due on the 1st of the Month – Both April and Mays tuition is due on the 1st of April
  • Parents are to set up a Parent Portal through the website to register and pay tuition and classes online
  • If paying by cash or check, payments are to be placed in the payment slot in the door in the office. Please write child’s name, class time and payment subject on the check or envelope
  • Pay in full by September 30 for the studio year, Aug - May, you will receive a 10% discount! Tuition is the same each month whether there are 2,3,4 or 5 classes that month. Our classes are priced on a studio year basis. Aug - May). There is an average of 32 classes for the year, at an average cost of $12.00 per class.
  • There will be an automatic $10 late fee applied on the 15th of the month. There is a $20 automatic fee for returned checks. If you are behind on your payments for more than 2 months, you may be asked to discontinue the class until payment is received. No refunds on registration fee or tuition once you have attended and paid for class. Exceptions on class tuition payments, costumes, and placements in class will only be taken into consideration for major injuries or sicknesses with a physician’s written excuse.
  • Spring recital costume payment is due by Nov. 1. You may pay in full by this date or make payments prior to this date. Costumes paid after Dec. 1 will have an additional $10.00 charge 


  • Multi-Child Discount:  $10 off Monthly Tuition for the 2nd child and $20 off for each additional child.
  • Add an additional $10 off for 2+ children if they are taking 3+ hrs per week, per child
  • $40 off each session for each additional family member in Silks or Itty Bitty. 
  • $5.00 off each month for each additional family member in Silks/Tumbling Conditioning
  • Pay your monthly tuition in full by September 30 for the studio year, Aug - May, and you will receive a 10% discount!

Session Classes

  • Itty Bitty:  Ages 2-3 - $150 per session +$30 Reg Fee per studio year, Sept-May:  Session 1 Aug-Dec   Session 2  Jan-Apr -  No participation in Recital
  • Adult Tap $120 per session +$30 Reg Fee Per studio Year - Session 1 Sept-Nov  Session 2  Jan-Mar
  • Multi-Child discount for session classes (See Discounts above)
  • Full Payment is to be made by the first class of the session.

Private Lesson Fees Per Student, Per Class

Online payment, check or cash must be paid to Angie's Studio before each class. (Teachers must have a 2 hr notice if canceling a private lesson or the lesson will be invoiced in full) 
½ hour lesson - 1/$32  2/$16  3/$10  4+/$8                                                                                                                 
45min - 1 hour lesson1/$42  2/$22 3/$18  4+/$14

Private Lesson Choreography Fee Per Student (for Specialty numbers....Solo, Duets, Trios Etc....)
1/$50     2/$40     3/$30      4/$25     5+/$20
Specialty Numbers (Solos, Duets, Trio, Small Group etc...) 
A student wishing to perform a specialty number in the recital must have taken dance at the studio for at least 2 years and is only allowed to perform every other year, unless it is a Starz Dance Team Competitive Number. The student must pay the choreography fee prior to the first lesson and have a minimum of eight paid private lessons.   

Policies & Information

Information Center: All updates regarding the latest info is posted at the studio, on our website under Studio Notes, and is sent out by email.  Please check frequently for updates.  Also please ensure we have an updated Email Address, Cell Number and Cell Provider. 

(No Classes)
Labor Day-  Sept 4-7
Halloween - Oct 31 (No evening classes)
Thanksgiving - Nov 25-29
Christmas - Dec 23 - Jan 3
Spring Break - Mar 19 - 28
Easter - Apr 2-4

Holiday Parties: Classes will have parties the last 10- 20 minutes of class. Non-messy treats can be brought to hand out at the end of class. Please no cupcakes or cookies with sprinkles.

Halloween Parties: October 26 - 31 (Students may dress up in their costume)
Christmas Parties: December 15 - 22
Valentines Parties: February 8-14

Class Cancellations: If classes are canceled due to bad weather, the closing will be posted on channel 5 news ( An email and text message will also be sent. (Be sure we have your correct information in our system) If your class is canceled more than one time, you are welcome to make it up during another class by the following month. Please email the office if you plan to make up the class and what class you will be making it up in.

Recital Date - Saturday, May 22, 2021
ON-LINE Ticket Sales Begin Sat. May 1 beginning at 9:00am
Tickets - May 8 - $12 per Ticket
Costumes - $60 for PreDance - Level IV classes and  $64 for Levels V - Sr. Levels and All Dance Team Costumes. If not paid by Dec 1 an additional $10 fee will be added and are not guaranteed to arrive before, Competitions, pictures or recital
Recital Costume Payment is Due by Nov. 15 and Dance Team Costume Payment 
is due by November 1 
All classes need 1 costume with the exception of Combo IV & V needing (2 costumes). All Invoices must be paid in full in order to be able to purchase recital tickets and participate in the recital.

Picture Days: April TBD (Most likely your picture will be taken the day you have class). No classes during picture days. More information on times to come. Pictures will be handed out the last week of classes, May .

Studio & Classroom Respect: All students are to be respectful to all instructors and classmates at all time. Students not acting respectful will be asked to leave the class immediately and a parent will be notified.

Class Description:

Itty Bitty - Session Class - Ages 2-3 45min of Ballet Tap Tumbling & Creative Play (No recital performance)
PreDance - Ages 3-5 - 45min of Ballet, Tap and Tumbling
PreCombo - Ages 4-6 - 1hr of Ballet, Tap & Tumbling - 1 year of PreDance and/or older and ready for an hour class
Combo I - Ages 6-11 Ages listed by class time - 1hr of Ballet, Tap & Jazz - Beginner or 1-2 years of dance
Combo II - Ages 8-12 Ages listed by class Time - 1hr 15 min Ballet, Tap & Jazz - For students with 2-3 years of Combo I experience or a student that is older
Combo III - V - Ages 8-13 Level III 11/2 hr - Level IV 1hr 45min - Level V 2hr of Ballet Tap Jazz Intermediate students with 3+ years of Dance - Invitation class
Jr. Ballet Tap Jazz Ages 13-18 Intermediate/Advance students with 4+ years of dance - Invitation classes
Sr Ballet Tap Jazz Lyrical - Ages 13-18 - Advanced students with 4+ years of dance - Invitation classes
Technique - Age or Level usually listed by class times - For students wanting to improve on technique, Turns, Leaps and Flexibility
Ballet Technique - Age or Level usually listed by class times - For Students wanting to improve on Proper Ballet Technique and Body alignment
Tumbling - Floor skills such as cartwheels, roundoffs, handsprings, aerials, tucks and partner tricks
PreTumbling - Ages 3-5 Beginner
I Beginner Ages 6-12
II Must be able to do a cartwheel and hold backbend
III Must go down/pull up from backbend & kick over from backbend
IV Must do all above + Front & Back Handsprings & Side Aerials
V Must do all above skills + Front Punch and Tucks

Dress Code
Students must wear required dress attire with their hair pulled securely out of their face.  The safety of the students and staff are the number one objective and it is important to look the part of a dancer/tumbler. 

Please note:  Dress codes will be enforced.  If a student does not have the proper attire or hair isn't pulled back, they will first receive a warning with a note sent home.  Second occurrence, a call or email to a parent.  Third occurrence, the student will be asked to sit out of class for that day. 

"Free Day" students may wear dance/tumble wear of their choice the last lesson of the month. 

Shoes & Dance Wear are recommended to be purchased from Dance Supply Etc. in O'Fallon 636-978-9432 (Located behind Sonic in the old part of O'Fallon) or Maddison's in Chesterfield Valley.161 Long Rd  636-537-5456

Itty Bitty
Pink Leotard, Skirt (Optional)
 White  Pink Ballet, Black Tap
Light Ballet Pink Leotard
 White  Pink Ballet, Black Tap
Tumble Leotard or Form Fitting Top W/ Dance Shorts
 None  No Shoes or Socks
Light Pink Leotard
 White  Pink Ballet, Black Taps
Combo I 
Black Leotard
 Tan  Pink Ballet, Black Taps
Hip Hop
Hip Hop Style Dance Attire
 Tan  Black Hip Hop Sneaker
Combo II - Sr Ballet
Solid Color Leotard (Skirt Optional)
 Tan  Pink Split Sole Ballet
Combo II - V Tap
Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top W/ Dance Shorts
 Tan  Tan Oxford Taps
Combo III - Sr Jazz
Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top W/ Dance Shorts
 Tan  Tan Slip On Jazz Shoe
Lyrical  Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top w/ Dance Shorts  Tan  Tan Foot Paws or Turners
Jr/Sr Tap
Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top w/ Dance Shorts
 Tan Oxford Hard Toe Taps
Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top w/ Dance Shorts
 Tan  Tan Jazz, Turners or Ballets
Ballet Technique
Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top w/ Dance Shorts
 Tan  Pink Split Sole Ballet
Pointe Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top w/ Dance Shorts
 Tan Pink Split Sole Ballet / Pointe

Please Note:  Students may be required to purchase different shoes for performances
Hip Hop, Combo V, Jr & Sr Students may wear Black Leggings to all classes with the exception of Ballet and Ballet Technique.
Solid Color Leotard or Form Fitting Top w/ Dance Shorts

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