Recital and Ticket Sales Information

I highly recommend for you to watch the video to learn more about buying tickets through TutuTix:

Please Note: Promo Codes are Case Sensitive and have been entered as all lowercase letters
If you have any issues purchacing tickets please call tututix and they will be happy to assist you.

855-222-2849 ext. 5
Go to:
Or call  855-222-2849 ext. 5  to purchase your tickets    

Angie’s Studio Online Ticket Sales begin Sat., May 8th 9:00am

Please Note: All invoices must be paid to be able to order tickets and participate in the recital.

Each family needs a promo code to purchase tickets. Your promo code is your main email address that is on file in our system. You must use your code to purchase your tickets. Once your code has been used and you log out, you are no longer allowed to use it again to
purchase more tickets. If you need to purchase tickets for more than one show, do not pay and log out until all your tickets are purchased for ALL shows.
Seats are assigned seating. Tickets are $12 each plus a $1.00 per ticket convenience fee plus 5% of the total cost.

Due to the amount of families attending each show, each show has a different limit of tickets that can be purchased by each family. Below is the amount of tickets that can be purchased for each show.
Friday 6:15 show – up to 6 tickets Saturday 10:00am & 1:30pm – up to 4 tickets
Saturday 5:00pm show – Up to 5 tickets

Beginning May 17th, any remaining tickets will be on sale to the public and can be purchased online without a code.
Tututix is open…Mon – Fri., 8:00am – 8:00pm and Sat. 9:00am – 5:00pm. You will have several options for how you want your tickets delivered. You can have them emailed to you, sent to your mobile phone internet browser, and even add them to your Apple Passbook (if you have the latest iPhone software) at no charge! Or, you can choose to have TutuTix mail you foil-embossed keepsake tickets for an additional fee with your dancers name printed directly on the ticket!
You must have a printed ticket to present at the doors to the show.

If you are purchasing tickets for more than one show, the show(s) you purchase the least amount of tickets for, before they go on sale to the public on May 17, will get a $5.00 refund per ticket. The system will not take this off automatically. To receive your refund, see the
office attendant the last week of class, May 14 – 20, and she will give you your refund. Be sure to check the final recital show line up on the website under the “Studio Notes” tab or on the information wall to see what show(s) your child is performing in. The final show line up will
be posted and complete by May 1. Make sure when purchasing your tickets you are purchasing tickets for the correct show(s). If the show sells out, there will be standing room available.
You do not need to purchase a ticket for the performer. Students must stay in their dressing room during the entire show. Only PreDance/Tumble – Pre Combo classes are permitted to sit on your lap during the half of the show they are not performing in. Children
ages 5 and under do not need a ticket if they are sitting on your lap. For those sitting in a wheelchair, there are two places closer to stage that can be purchased or a location in the back of the auditorium for you to use for free. No wheelchairs are allowed in the isles.

How to purchase your tickets

Go to on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Select “buy tickets” to the show you are purchasing tickets for, enter your promo code (email address), select the # of tickets and click find tickets. If you are purchasing tickets for more than one show, once you chose your seats for a show DO NOT CHECK OUT, click the continue shopping tab and you will then continue to repeat and purchase your tickets for other shows. Once you log off or check out and pay for your tickets, your code is no longer valid. If you accidently log off or have a problem with your code please call the tututix and they will be happy to assist you. If you do not wish to purchase your tickets online, you may also call tututix during their business hours at 855-222-2tix ext 5 to order your tickets.

I highly recommend for you to watch the video to learn more about buying tickets through TutuTix: Type the following link in your browser – to watch the video. I also have this link available under in the “Studio Notes” tab on our website.
Or call 855-222-2849 ext. 5

Angie’s Studio 2021 Recital Information

When Friday, May 21 and/or Saturday, May 22
Where St. Dominic High School Performing Arts Center 31 St. Dominic Dr. O’Fallon Mo 63366
Show Times Fri. 6:15pm, Sat. 10:00am, 1:30pm and/or 5:00pm. Seating begins no earlier than ½ hr before each show.
Online Ticket Sales Begin Saturday, April 23rd at 9:00am.

Covid Precautions: At this time St Charles County guidelines for large gatherings is for everyone to wear a mask and social distance 3 feet. Students will need to wear a mask while in the dressing area or lobby, but not while performing. We suggest they bring their own baggie and place it in there while they are performing. The school has an extensive sanitizer they spray that coats and disinfects all surfaces and seats. Hand sanitizers will be available to use. Each family group of tickets purchased will be distanced between other family groups. We ask if you have any covid symptoms to please not attend.
Student Dressing Room & Arrival Time: Signs will be posted in the lobby as to where your dressing room is located. Students must be in their dressing room ½ hr before the show begins unless otherwise instructed. They are to arrive in the costume they are first performing in with hair and make-up done. They must remain in the dressing room area unless otherwise instructed. A TV monitor will be provided for students to watch the show.
PreDance/Tumble – PreCombo Students: These students only, during the half of the show they are not performing in, will be able to sit on your lap and watch the show. If you are performing before intermission, you will need to be in your dressing room 15min before the show begins and can then sit on a lap in the auditorium after intermission. If you are in the second half of the show you will go to your dressing room at intermission and be picked up on stage after the finale.
Dressing Room Volunteers: We need 1-2 Female volunteers for each class to be with the students in the dressing room. Volunteers need to be in the dressing room 15min before the show begins or go back at intermission. Dressing room helpers will escort their class behind stage 3- 4 numbers before they are to perform. Volunteers will be able to watch on the side of the stage or walk down front to see the performance. You will then take them back to their dressing room and stay with them until intermission or the end of the show. Each volunteer will get a $12 ticket refund. Please sign the sheet on the information wall at the studio if you would like to be a volunteer. To receive your refund, please see the office assistant the last week of class, May 14-20, and she will give it to you at that time. Thank you for your help! PreDance/Tumble and PreCombo classes only need a helper for ½ of the show. For all other classes there will need to be a helper for the entire show. We suggest splitting time with another parent (one for the first half and one for the second.) If you are going be in the dressing room during the entire show you will not need to purchase a ticket. If we do not have enough volunteers signed up by May 15th we will need to draw names and assign a parent to help. It is very important we have someone watching students in the dressing room at all times. Thank you!
Finale Celebration and Give a ways: All students will come on stage at the end for one last applaud. There will be prize give a ways tossed out. Pre School & Pre Combo students will be on the front part of the stage and may be picked up there when the finale is over. If they perform in the second half of the show, they will be brought out to the stage from their dressing room. PreDance/Tumble and PreCombo Students who performed in the first half and are already in the auditorium, may walk up on the stage. All other students will go back to their dressing room where they may be picked up when the show is over.
Costume Changing: If your child needs help changing costumes, quietly leave the auditorium in between numbers to do so.
Make-up & Hair: Make-up is recommended to be worn so that you can see the performer’s expressions in the bright stage lights. Make-up is not mandatory. I recommend blush, red lipstick and a light colored eye shadow (browns or grays). Eyeliner Mascara or fake eyelashes are recommended but not required. Hair is to be done neatly the way the instructor has asked and no visible underwear is to be worn! A Make-up and Hair bun tutorial is available on the web under the Starz dance team tab.
Video Taping: No Tripods allowed in the isle. We recommend you purchasing a DVD form Mr. Video. The order sheets will be provided and are to be turned into Mr. Video the day of the performance. Forms will also be available at the show.
Flowers: It is a tradition to give the performer flowers after a performance. Flowers will be available to purchase in the lobby before each show and at intermission.
Pictures, Recital Pin & Split Awards – The last class students will receive their recital pictures and collector recital pin along with any split awards they may have. One parent/person may come in the last 10 min class, with a mask on, to see their child receive this and take pictures.

Studio Recital Line Up