Starz Dance Team



Our national award-winning competition team is the way to go for the dancer who truly wants to commit and take dance to the next level. The team attends 3-4 local regional competitions per year and one national competition every other year. To be a part of our Starz Competitive Team, it takes dedication and hard work, but the amazing memories and studio friends and families you meet along the way can’t be beat!!! Auditions for our team are held on Sunday, August 20th. Click on the button below for more information.

Ms. Angie – Owner/Director

Ms. Andrea – Starz Team Coordinator, Choreographer, Instructor

Miss. Hannah – Choreographer/Instructor

Miss Kiersten – Choreographer/Instructor

Ms. Mary – Choreographer/Instructor

Ms. Michelle – Choreographer/Instructor

Angie’s Starz Dance Team also enjoys performing in local community events as much as possible. We would love for you to audition and become a part of our team.